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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Hey ! #031189 here

 Just so u know what I have been upto ? Trading crypto on . Gotta get those financial  crypto gains .because I want a sick as BMW with mags I have a dream one day that I will have one again .ps it reminded me of gta v how u can use the market then run around steal cars shoot cops then come pack and have lots of money . Except  there is no pause button on life oh I almost forgot one thing I'm a bit confused what to do I have like 966 CEO  in a month .and I have 55usd worth of xlm now lol  I'm saving everywhere  all for my own personal vehicle.  No help from my exes lol where were they . They would rather be hanging out I'm the octagon with there flashy speaker :) straight up actual over there shit .obviously I get competitive . Being an aries rising . Skating is just what I need but on rainy days I just shop on wish and trade .but yea its lonely but I think I can buy my own friends  soon  so yer today is more of a trading day just updating u on how my xlm (stellar lumens) are doing  

Thursday, 1 April 2021


Today i went into town skated down to the bus stop and got on the bus to south end of town to pick up my meds then bused to supermarket to pick up potatoes , I made an aussie mate today lol hmmm what else oh  I'm just looking for a suitable soccer match to put it all on lol give me time lord , luckily should be able to buy a car soon , I'm thinking retro 80s vintage ,my chinese needs and expert bro but where are the experts I should really find out its friday tomorrow  , I will ask around , ,, or I could do up my dads car lol give her a clean well haha got to go and do some crypto gathering :)  but like I'm kinda over cars atm like bro I was riding shotgun in an integra today , dani cairns car ,I'm jealous  I shall get a honda :)  

Monday, 29 March 2021

Hello yea nup! Not going to bet my crypto lol , and I still need a wee bit more for network free to withdraw my coins ,,, I need to find away to trade for like real cash ? But straight up iv sent it all over the place , I need to add to it I think I think I can do that 

Sunday, 28 March 2021


 IV been working on my crypto  since the start of the year and now look lol I'm doing ok but , like it's not exactly enough to get a car is it so I'm going to bet it all on a sport match , Il let you know if I can get upto $1000 lol on cloudbet , defi earns like 60% interest lol IV made 50c in 2 days  but yea 

Thursday, 18 March 2021


 Omg so mad at myself for losing out on like 80 bux as I converted it to eth  , and back , I managed to stil hold 1050 cro tokens  it works out as , 1307x0.31 = like 400 bux but instead I have 320  urgh fuk I hate this but love this  lol anyway it's back into the super charger for like 10 more days il let you know what happens 

Monday, 8 March 2021


Well I am going to earn some crypto lol even if it's just a small amount at a time , I have to wait 20 more days until I have access from the liquidity pool ,  ,, a pool of liquid swelled from my eye :)  as I swept into the room having no laptop and only having to use phone screens all the time ,  Dumbledor enters the room Jokes I'm not writing a story lol  but the last Harry Potter story the cursed child spoke to me and said ,put me down lol no  I thought it was well done and very cool      I will make another post in 20 days  ok sweet  ,bye 

Friday, 5 March 2021

Today the 6th of march 21

 As of today I am growing ever so impatient of the need of a vehicle , I went for a walk last night ,to meet aliesha in town , so many boy racer and there cars fuk , just hold on lol, aliesha was fine , of course she was scared tracy hall would see us together , even tho she stood out with her blonde hair  flashing lights speaker on the seats outside the town hall , and then who do I see drive past , tracy hall lol iv never seen aliesha take off so 

fast , we both cracked up for ages about how ironic it was , it looked like she was driving real slow and she obviously saw us but aliesha txt her and she didn't know what she was talking about:) ,anyway random times ,,,,,,,,,I woke up this morning and I managed to receive 11 stella lumens into my crypto but in order to exchange it i need at least 100 , so I have to exchange my eth into stella lumens giving me 500 stella lumens lol , but I'm waiting for it to process ,, "bloody gringotts ,processing times !"  I think I actually have enough now , ,i hopeit goes through soon , ,,,   then what go to the tt.a.b bookies lol I think I avtual may ,it depends I rekon I could save around 1000 in a few weeks  , but then again I love sports and u have to have money to make money ,  as thats what my life is about unfortunately    getting a nimbus 2000  probably go for something  nimbus 2000y  ..................

Well the withdrawal didn't work "bloody gringotts need to verify my muggle address " however I had a plan , I sent all my crypto to  I use the App , as you can stake "CRO" tokens , I legit have 1300 of them lol , I like the layout and design of the app ,  Dumbledore better not catch me trading on the crypto Exhange ,I could get Expelled from Hogwarts,,, oh wait now I remember that happened years ago :)  and I was also sent to azkaban for a little while now look at me saving for a nimbus 2000 ,  ...I was thinking about bikes today  I'm decently not thinking of alcohol , fuk it's so annoying  ,l anyway I think il relax for 30 days and stop messing with this , cro thing 


Thursday, 4 March 2021


It's kind of weird but I actually might have occured to me that  I can withdraw my crypto onto a credit card ??  I will give it a go ,as I need to gather funds ,I dont have a job and I need a car even just a a cheap one , I want a honda :) 

....well I exchanged my uni for $208 but hold on lol I'm just waiting for a drop , it's quite fluid and interesting that you can do this so effortlessly, all you only need to be is a rocket scientist ,& I am one of those :)  ,turns out I pretty much send this straight to visa or mc ,but havnt, good to know I can if I wish  

 I just bought more eth and I'm going to be a scrooge mcduck  for a few months , I made a profit of hmm let me think , 0.02 eth or $34 since feb the 13th ,, I'm now holding a total of 0.131 eth  


Wednesday, 3 March 2021


 Hey peeps just updating my blog , I changed the site theme to slytherin house color theme lol  I mean I started reading the philosophers stone when I was 11 and I learned to read with the help of those stories , and my grandparents bought those books for me and mailed it , best feeling ever getting mailed a new book hehe everyone hates slytherin not me it's my house first of all it's a snake and second of all its green   ,,:) , my crypto is growing  here is a screenshot latest , 25c interest for a week :)  that's cool as cant wait to be able to withdraw it , everyday I check the price  I dont know what it is but I may be obsessed trading  I am drawn to money and material things ,  shiny things  haha like gold :) I have been betting other crypto like bitcoin , I have a bet on Aston villa vs wolves whenever that is ,but knowing my luck this year ,its probs not one for a year of the snake lol but should be fun to watch  I win 1000 little satoshis , and also somone is coming around with a tester lead so I can test exactly the fault is in my scooter :) getting there 1 step at a time , fuk how mean it would be to have a running scooter again 

Thursday, 25 February 2021

му ρℓαηѕ ƒσя 2021

 Hello once again sup to all peeps out there,  female Male animal lol anyway I wake up in the morning and charge out of bed each day , I think it's an aries rising trait lol ,  then I'mlike  am I rich yet and check my balances, , it's a bit boring sometimes especially when the markets are down I feel like a broke ass hoe ,  but I red somewhere that the price of uni for the end of the year is estimated  at $118  and atm the current price is $24  I have 7.5 uni  so if i need $500 to withdraw .. 7.5x118 will be enough to withdraw at the end of the year , meanwhile I met this real nice girl ,and I have a date ,why do I throw myself into the deep end ,,but shes an aries , I know there is action and adventure already,  going to get a job soon , so I can build  and get a car  omg the mish but I'm going to do some work in sea cliff for a week , earn some $$$ or  I could exchange my help for getting my scooter running , it's with a bike enthusiast/ he will get Chinese beast running ,, but yet that's all from my life ,I am going to just hold uni until end of year ,peace 

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Hi )

 Just a few quick things , been playing around with my money , swapped it to brittish pounds , then figured out well I need at least 500 brittish pounds for a bank wire transfer , then I thought😠 tsknnngghhH aw great ,now I have to start trading lol , ffs then i was like as il swap it to uni , then back to ETH again  ,my amount has gone up  it's fun for me to do this ,, I feel cool making successful trades but  500 POUNDS fml how the actual am I going to get   ps that was a profit of around 13 us dollars , 0.008 eth right?   Clever daddy